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You might have noticed that our website has changed a little since you last visited, but fear not — we’re not going anywhere! 


Kickstarter invited us to participate in their exclusive Kickstarter Gold campaign to once again share our latest and greatest Tea experiences with YOU. Our new campaign covers a much greater depth and knowledge of Premium Taiwanese Teas and our new Teaware set and steeper.

Our new campaign Dachi Tea Co. — Authentic, Unequivocally Single-origin Tea just went LIVE!

Our Kickstarter Gold campaign has provided us with the perfect opportunity to migrate over to our brand new, custom-build website that we’ve been working on since January! For the curious, leave your email and we’ll invite you to our beta launch. We’ll even throw in a few perks for being a dedicated supporter!

We can’t wait to show you all that we have in store for you! 

We have listened to your feedback and responded with the following as part of our new site: 


The option to purchase tea both a la carte style and through the subscription

   - A quick and easy way to sample each tea

   - 2-day, domestic shipping in the US

   - Free shipping on orders above $50

   - And many more exciting and delicious surprises await


The reason why we started this journey in the first place was to share our experience and to find teas that tasted amazing, were made responsibly and with care, and could also evoke that feeling of freshness and mental clarity that is so important to us.


Just like we did during our first Kickstarter campaign, we will be turning to YOU for help. We want to hear your feedback! Your comments and suggestions will help make the official launch a huge success. 



Nick and Simon

Dachi Tea Co.

Using a ‘no corners cut’ approach, we sourced these teas through countless trips to the mountains, followed by painstakingly deliberate tastings with our trusted team of tea makers-cum-teachers. 

The central mountain core of Taiwan lies on the tropic of cancer, with a subtropical climate and fertile soils. Heavy mists bathe the high mountains, which protects the leaves from the full glare of the sun. Taiwan's terroir, as if by design, is just perfect for nurturing tea.

This tea is created by craftsmen whom have an intimate knowledge of their trade and ply their skills to elevate the humble tea leaf into an exquisite tasting experience. This is tea of pure indulgence and refinement at it’s highest apogee.

Our 75 g vacuum sealed bar

Meet some of our makers

Mr. Yeh

Josef Zhang

Mr. & Mrs. Liu

Just as artists are commissioned to create, we must order the majority of these competition-grade teas in advance since the raw tea leaves must be carefully selected. 

As with many other fine products, there is not an exact and easily repeatable methodology for turning these raw leaves into exquisite tea. 

The quality of a lot is often defined by the maker’s discerning selection of what he deems to be first-class and his readiness to reject the majority of the batch, reserving it for less-demanding customers.

Resilient and abundantly flavorful, these teas are easy to brew and retain their character after multiple steeps. 

This collection serves as a great entry point to premium-grade specialty tea; yet after the connoisseurs and tea reviewers get a taste, they just keep coming back for more.

Our 75 g vacuum sealed bar

Art & Experience

Ta Yang HSU

From luxury hotels and swanky PR agencies to the more sobering experiences of building huts in rural Phnom Penh or pop-up studios and art exchanges in Sierra Leonne — our team has the versatility to deliver an authentic experience with quality and a deep sense of storytelling at its core.

The Team

Brand & Vision

Nicholas PALUMBO


Product & Quality  


Behind every artisan tea is a story of tradition & terroir. We tell these stories leaving only one missing element between you and the deepest sense of appreciation for your tea: a touch of imagination.

We source directly from family-owned farms only during harvest season to ensure that our handpicked, traditionally-crafted, single-origin teas are fresh and handled with care.

Our Commitments



We endeavour to restore the authenticity and reinstate the human connection in tea by removing the distance between our products, their origin & their makers.  

To endeavour to both ‘savour’ and ‘save’ the world in equal measure: to live courageously yet deliberately, driven by curiosity, guided by gratitude.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a divinely-balanced environment where things live and grow with determined rigor. In such moments you can project yourself out into the natural world and receive an affirming response; feel a lifeforce; and establish a bolstered devotion to a place. These are those visceral, human experiences which centre us and any unsettling desires and expectations, or lingering concerns are suddenly replaced with gratitude. This is when the S in ASAP becomes an H.

The #AHAP Manifesto

To rebuild our connection and affinity with nature, reminding us that we are one and both the same.

To practice healthy habits and rituals that help us get centred, achieve balance, and maximise our impact on whatever corner of the world we occupy.

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